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H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike H2 Ninja KAWASAKI Big Bike

Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R - Qatar - Launch Highlights

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RM 153,900.00


Designed to be the ultimate motorcycle, the street-going Ninja H2 is based closely on the closed-course Ninja H2R. Powered by a 200 PS supercharged engine, it offers intense acceleration, superb high-speed riding potential, supersport-level handling performance, and a sensory experience surpassing anything that riders can find today.


To realise the goal of creating the ultimate motorcycle, help was enlisted from other companies in the Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Group, precipitating an unprecedented level of inter-company collaboration.


Supercharged 998 cm³ In-Line Four


In-House-Designed Supercharger


The supercharger used in the Ninja H2R was designed by Kawasaki motorcycle engine designers with assistance from other companies within the KHI Group, namely the Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company, and Corporate Technology Division. Designing the supercharger in-house allowed it to be developed to perfectly match the engine characteristics of the Ninja H2R. The highly efficient, motorcycle-specific supercharger was the key to achieving the maximum power and the intense acceleration that engineers wanted to offer.

Maximising Airflow Efficiency


Ram Air Intake


Air supplied to the supercharger enters via dual Ram Air intakes in the upper cowl. Their total frontal area is approximately 13,000 mm2—illustrating just how much air is needed to achieve the over 300 PS output.

The Ram Air duct was designed to route fresh air to the supercharger in as straight a line as possible. Its shape was derived to match the impeller characteristics, further contributing to the engine’s high output. The duct is constructed of highly rigid, lightweight CFRP (carbon-fibre reinforced polymer).

Keeping the Engine Cool


Oil Jets


To keep the engine compact and simple, a single lubrication system provides cooling oil for the engine components, supercharger and transmission. Oil jets lubricate the supercharger chain at the contact points where the chain meets the upper and lower gears. In addition, the supercharger drive train’s lower gear has an oil passage.

Inside the engine, there are two oil jets per cylinder to ensure the hot pistons are effectively cooled.

 4-stroke In-Line Four
 Digital Fuel Injection
 998 cm³
 238 kg




(Kawasaki Traction Control)

Kawasaki's most advanced traction control system offers a selection of mdoes to suit a variety of riding situations, from sport riding to touring


Economical Riding Indicator

A mark appearing on the instrument panel to indicate favourable fuel consumption, encouraging fuel efficient riding.



Dual Injectors

Two injectors, operating at different rpm ranges, to deliver both quick response and increased high-rpm power.



Offering highly efficient braking while maintaining natural feel, this high-precision brake system was designed specifically for supersport models.

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