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Z1000 Z KAWASAKI New Motorcycle Z1000 Z KAWASAKI New Motorcycle Z1000 Z KAWASAKI New Motorcycle

Z1000 videoz1000 official video

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RM 82,720.00


In a significant departure from the concealing plastic bodywork of its predecessor, the new Z1000 strips off all unnecessary flourishes to boldly highlight the functionality of its parts. The sculpted bodywork was carefully crafted to bring the aggressive Z design to the next level.



Sugomi Styling

Sugomi describes the intense aura or energy given off by a person or object of greatness and felt by the viewer. Someone, or something, possessing sugomi inspires awe, leaves an indelible impression, is daunting in stature or ability, and commands respect. Idealised dimensions (lower front, raised rear) and all-new tight-fitting bodywork capture the essence of a predator crouched and ready to pounce. The lean, muscular styling hints at the Z1000’s more direct, sporty street riding performance.


Die Cast Mirrors

New mirrors have a sharper design that contributes to the aggressive image. Die-cast mirror stays contribute to a less plastic, higher quality feel of the cockpit.


LED Headlamps

The thin, compact headlamp cowl was positioned as low as possible, extending the line that starts from the top of the tank. This is first time for Kawasaki to use the reflector-less LED headlamp design. Using LED lamps allows the design to be thin, the shape contributing to the more intense glare of the new Z1000’s face, and the reflector-less design further enhances its predatory appearance.


Additional Instrumentation Features

The Z1000’s compact instrument cluster is mounted directly to the handlebar, which added to design freedom and helped realise the compact headlamp cowl. Its low position creates an unobstructed view of the road ahead. The futuristic design of the LED tachometer and LCD screen reflects the sport potential of the new Z1000.

Sugomi Performance



Redefined Engine & Exhaust System

Revised ECU settings contribute to a smoother power delivery, facilitating control and contributing to rider comfort and confidence thus delivering cleaner emissions.


Separate Function Fork – Big Piston

The more direct handling of the new Z1000 can be largely attributed to its new suspension. The Separate Function Fork – Big Piston achieves both comfort and sport potential ideal for street riding.


Horizontal Back-Link Rear Suspension

Changes to the rear suspension settings contribute to the Z1000’s more direct handling, as well as more linear weight transfer under braking or acceleration.



The new Z1000 features Tokico monobloc calipers and larger 310 mm front petal discs. Achieving the new braking characteristics required a redefinition of what Kawasaki’s “ideal” braking for a Supernaked was to be. The new brakes offer a stronger initial bite, and a smooth brake force application – a perfect match for the Z1000’s quick handling chassis and responsive throttle.


• Liquid-cooled   • 4-stroke In-Line Four   • Fuel Injection with ø38mm Oval Subthrottes    
• 1,043 cm3  • 6-Speed, Return   • 221 kg


ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)

Economical Riding Indicator

Horizontal Back-link Rear Su

Assist & Slipper Clutch


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